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Preparatory Academy Dress Code

The Preparatory Academy at 71 adheres to a strict dress to lesson the peer pressure of buying expensive name brands, to safely and quickly identify our students and to instill a sense of pride and community within our middle school. It is the expectation that students in the Preparatory Academy at 71 wear their uniforms on a daily basis, except for special event days. We prepare our students to be college and career ready and to take pride in themselves and our school. Shirts and blouses are tucked in and skirts must be worn at the knee length, considered the appropriate length. At the beginning of each school year, our staff explains our Prep Academy Dress Code to our students with the understanding that that students who do not respect our school’s Dress Code will not participate in dress down days.

The following routines are set in place to make sure that students come to school dressed with their uniforms:

  • Classroom teachers are expected to report students who are out of uniforms to deans.

  • 8th grade students will not be allowed to go outside for lunch if they are not dressed in the required appropriate school uniform. This is to insure that our students are easily identified in case of an emergency.

    The Preparatory Academy School Uniform consists of:

• Navy or Tan colored pants ● Navy or Tan colored knee- length skirts Navy or White colored polo top Navy colored sweater with school emblem on it. ● Plain knee- high socks or plain tights are to be worn (white or navy only) with skirts Shirts should be tucked in at all times ● During hot weather months, students are permitted to wear Navy or Tan uniform shorts. Shorts must be knee length. ● Coats are to be kept in the closet or school bag.

Gym Uniform:

  • All Academy students are required to participate in gym classes. The Gym uniform

    is to be worn only on days when the class has Gym. ● Gym t-shirts must have the school’s emblem on them and may not be worn with the regular school uniform on days when the class does not have Gym

  • Solid plain navy sweatpants may be worn in lieu of the school sweats as long as there are no brands, emblems or writing on them.

  • The following are not part of the uniform and are not permitted to be worn in class:

    ● Jeans ● Hooded, pull-over or zippered sweatshirts ● Large hoop earrings (earrings larger than a quarter are unsafe for school) ● Bright colored shirts underneath school shirts ● Scarves ● Leggings/Stretch pants ● Belts with large embellishments or buckles ● Linked chains attached to pants used for wallets and keys ● Hats and Bandanas ● Shorts are only to be worn on very warm days as decided by the principal. The principal will make an announcement the previous day based on the predicted weather. School Shoes ● Boots (including UGGs) are not to be worn, unless it is a snow day. Students will be required to change out of their boots once they arrive to school and keep them in their school bags.

  • Dress Down Days for Middle School Students:
    Students are still expected to dress appropriately. The following articles of clothing are deemed inappropriate for school and are not permitted during dress down days: ● Midriff tops ● Low-Rise Jeans ● Spaghetti Strap Tank Tops ● Slides or high heels ● Open Toe Shoes ● Basketball shorts

School Uniform information

In order to have uniforms by the first day of school, you must place your order by August 7th

The current vendor for school uniforms is:

Embroidery Zone

3604 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx, NY

718 430 1100 

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