About P.S. 71

Mission Statement

We, the staff of Public School 71 and Preparatory Academy at 71, are dedicated to providing an exemplary public education for each of our students in a safe, supportive, and academically challenging environment. We will encourage our students to strive high and reach their full potential, academically and emotionally. We will achieve this by promoting learning in a multi-cultural atmosphere where problem solving and decision-making are fostered and independent thinking is required. We believe that we are creating the future leaders of society.

Our Vision

We aspire to those habits, which instill in our students the drive to be proactive. We encourage all to take responsibility for their actions and goals for their future. We believe that all students are capable of succeeding and strive to develop a positive academic, physical, social and emotional attitude where they are always learning and growing.

Instructional Focus

All students will write across content areas to demonstrate their ability to think critically and make their thinking visible. Students will use writing to effectively express and communicate their opinions, life experiences, and information.

We believe students learn best through:

1. Modeling

2. Accountable Talk

3. Collaboration

4. Scaffolding

5. Workshop Model

CORE VALUES + SCHOOL NORMS+ MISSION + VISION= CULTURE Our Core Values: Respect, Perseverance, Excellence

Our School norms:

We respect ourselves.

We respect each other.

We respect our community.

Our Mission: To educate all students in a safe, supportive, and academically challenging environment.

Our Vision: To create future leaders of society.

Our Goals

Through our core values, school norms, mission, and vision, it is the goal of PS/MS 71 to:

  •  Create a positive learning atmosphere
  • Respect each student's individuality
  • Encourage good citizenship
  • Develop a positive partnership between school and home.