Hybrid Learning Schedule for Fall 2020 ONLY

 If our school or city moves to a Level 4 Health Emergency, we will switch to 100% remote learning for all students. Check this page for updates.


  • Color Coded Lanyards: All students will receive color coded lanyards to help staff identify students in each cohort on any given day. Students in the A Cohort, will receive a green lanyard and badge with the letter A on it. Students in the B Cohort, will receive a blue lanyard and badge with the letter B on it. Students in the C Cohort, will receive an orange lanyard and badge with the letter C on it. Students are expected to arrive wearing their lanyards on in-person learning days. You will receive a parent calendar indicating when your child’s cohort is scheduled to attend in-person learning.
  • Students needing extra academic support may be be scheduled for additional  remote intervention services.  
  • The school day will run from 8:20 a.m. - 2:40 p.m for K - 4 and 8:00 - 2:20 for 5 - 8. Students may be dropped off no earlier than 8:15 a.m./8:00 a.m. and must be picked up promptly at the end of the school day. 



Our school has implemented a number of changes to ensure everyone's safety

Your Responsibilities While in the Building

We have put safety procedures in place to keep our students and staff healthy.


  • Masks: Masks must be worn at all times by all adults (teachers, staff, and visitors) and by students in grades K – 8 while in the building. If your child is unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, please notify your child’s teacher immediately and submit any medical documentation to the nurse. It is recommended that students arrive with their own face covering for in-person learning. If a student does not arrive to school with a face covering, one will be provided before he or she enters the school building.
  • Temperature Checks: Our Morning Arrival Team will greet students and families at all arrival entrances. Staff wearing face coverings and gloves will check students’ temperatures using non-touch thermometers to ensure that students are fever-free. Parents are expected to perform daily temperature checks at home prior to sending their child to school. Any student with a temperature of more than 99.9°F from a random temperature check cannot enter the building. The NYCDOE recommends that all students get tested one week prior to the start of school.
  • Signage: Signage will be posted to promote the FOUR CORE ACTIONS: Wear a Face Covering, Keep Hands Clean, Keep Physical Distance, and Stay Home if Sick. There will be floor markings on each floor inside the school building to promote social distancing and arrows will be posted to control traffic flow. Arrival and dismissal locations will have signage and floor markings for students and parents to stand on to promote social distancing. Please be sure to follow all of the posted instructions while in the building.
  • Handwashing: Students and staff are expected to wash hands thoroughly before and after eating, after using the bathroom, if exposed to body fluids (like saliva or a sneeze), and at other times necessary throughout the day. 
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispensers have been installed throughout the school building on each floor and in classrooms. Teachers and staff will be provided with hand sanitizer pumps to keep in the classrooms for staff and student use. Our Screening Team will have hand sanitizer available for students to use upon entry.
  • Traffic flow in hallways and common areas: Hallways and staircases are marked with arrows. Please keep at least 3 ft. distance between yourself and others. Stairwells will be single file and one direction.
  • Visitors in Our School:
    • Minimizing opportunities for spread is a necessary component for maintaining health and safety in NYCDOE schools. In an effort to limit the number of visitors in a school at any given time, as recommended by the CDC, our school will address all visitor and parent concerns by phone or virtually.
    • We understand that parent engagement, active involvement, and interactions are essential to the success of students. To ensure the health and safety of parents, staff, and students we will continue to engage our families during this time by offering Parent Workshops, Town Hall Meetings, Parent/Teacher Conferences, and other Parent Related Activities virtually via Google Meet, Zoom, and/or MS Teams. You will receive a Parent Engagement Calendar announcing all virtual meetings and events for your convenience.
    • The Principal and designated staff will conduct parent meetings remotely.
    • If it is necessary for you to enter the school, you must provide identification,wear a mask, have your temperature taken and sanitize hands. You will remain in the lobby and the parent coordinator will come down to you.

Safety Precautions Taken By Our School

In addition to asking everyone to wear masks. wash hands and maintain social distancing, our school has taken several steps to improve the safety of our staff and students These steps have been recommended by local health authorities to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and other illnesses.


  • Changes in class sizes: We've reduced the average class size based on the size of the room and the number of bodies present for in-person instruction.
  • Improvements in ventilation: In an effort to maximize air circulation, we are opening windows whenever possible and air conditioning units have had scheduled maintenance.  
  • Increases in cleaning frequency: Our custodial team is committed to cleaning all classrooms twice daily, once before the school day and once in the afternoon. In addition, all classroom teachers have been provided with sanitizing wipes to wipe down surfaces and shared resources on an as-needed basis throughout the school day. 
  • Hand sanitation: All bathrooms have been stocked with extra soap for frequent hand washing. In addition, we have provided teachers with hand sanitizer for the classroom and added hand sanitizer stations in common areas. 
  • Drop-off and pickup procedures: There will be designated entrances and exits for arrival and dismissal for each grade. Arrival and dismissal times will be staggered to ensure social distancing and to avoid congestion. Please maintain social distancing between families during drop-off and pick up times. For the health and safety of staff and students, parents are not permitted to enter the building with their children. There will be signage and floor markings in the schoolyard so parents waiting to pick up their children maintain social distancing. (More information regarding arrival and dismissal procedures will follow.)
  • Teaching “Health and Safety” Behaviors: Teachers and staff will teach health and safety behaviors as they pertain to wearing a mask, hand washing, and social distancing. We expect all of our students to follow the procedures outlined by the DOE’s COVID-19 Health Policy to help keep our entire school community safe and healthy. Our teachers and staff are expected to reinforce these policies throughout the school day and all students are expected to follow them. Any student who refuses to wear a mask throughout the school day, will not be permitted to stay in school. Parents will receive a phone call to come pick up their child if this happens. Our goal is work with all students to teach and reinforce the importance of wearing face coverings, social distancing, and hand washing, to ensure that every member of the school community does their part to help keep us safe. Your cooperation, support, and attention to this matter are appreciated.
  • Signage: Signage will be posted to promote the FOUR CORE ACTIONS: Wear a Face Covering, Keep Hands Clean, Keep Physical Distance, and Stay Home if Sick. There will be floor markings on each floor inside the school building to promote social distancing and arrows will be posted to control traffic flow. Arrival and dismissal locations will have signage and floor markings for students and parents to stand on to promote social distancing.
  • Illness: Students and staff exhibiting signs of illness or having a fever of greater than 99.9 F must stay home. If you or someone you know has COVID-19 (or shows symptoms of COVID-19 such as coughing or fever), it is required that you stay home or at a designated care facility for a minimum of 14 days. Please contact us via phone or email as soon as possible.
  • Directions for local COVID testing Please visit the NYS Coronavirus Find a Test Site page to find a test site closest to you


Please see the hybrid & remote learning information below.

How Hybrid Learning Works

Hybrid learning combines in-class instruction and at-home learning. This allows us to limit the number of students in the building each day for safe social distancing, while still ensuring that students can benefit from direct interaction with teachers and peers.


  • During days in class, teachers will provide direct whole-class instruction and small-group instruction. These days will be used primarily to introduce new topics, provide small group and one-on-one instructional support, and conduct assessments to monitor student progress towards standards. 
  • Students will be required to bring their devices to school on their in person cohort days. If a mobile device is not available you will have to request on from the school to be used in the classroom.
  • Students will be assigned additional activities to work on independently for there at-home learning days. These activities will allow students to apply and practice what they learned in class. There may be a combination of technology-based learning activities and offline worksheets, projects, and writing assignments. At-home learning activities are an important part of the learning process and will be graded. 
  • Teachers and intervention specialists will have limited virtual "office hours" (on Google Class) after student school hours.  Students who have questions or need extra support can check in with their teachers during their office hours for help with at-home learning assignments. 
  • Students with IEPs or 504 plans, or who have been identified as at-risk for not meeting academic standards, may have additional one-on-one intervention provided either virtually or in school. 

Remote Learning Expectations

During hybrid or 100% remote learning, your child is expected to complete all assignments provided by the teacher. At the same time, we recognize that working independently at home is different and difficult for many students, so we want to provide flexibility. 

 100 Remote Cohort Parent Letter.pdf 

Technology: Getting a Device and Internet Access

We are committed to making sure that all students can successfully connect to online learning during their at-home learning days. 

  • If your student needs a laptop or tablet, fill out the Device Request Form to reserve your device. Borrowing a device is free! Students in grades K - 3 will receive tablets and students in grades 4-5 will receive laptops. 
  • Borrowed devices should be used for school purposes only and kept in a secure location.  
  • If you do not have internet access at home, LOCAL INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER is providing free connection for families earning less than $50,000 per year with students learning at home. You can request free internet access directly with the company. 
  • If you are not able to get internet hooked up in your home, your child's teacher will work with you to provide alternative offline assignments. 
  • If you are having trouble connecting to Google Class, Google Meet, or any of our online learning resources, go to technical support for families.


Please see below for important resources.